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  • Moving-Map-Mode always shows current position on the map
  • Display can be "North Up" or "Heading Up"
  • Static-Map-Mode for flight preparation and route planning
  • Automatic pop up of aproach charts
  • Airspace warnings and airspace overlay
  • "Point and Click" route planning
  • Zoom and Pan function
  • All in-flight functions can be operated without menu
  • Configurable waypoint database
  • Access weather informations via pc_met
  • NOTAM browser
  • HSI or CDI display
  • Indication of heading, altitude, groundspeed aso.
  • Digital elevation model (can display altitude above ground)
  • Trackrecording
  • Calculation of distance, flight time, wind influence and fuel consumption
  • Display informations from AIP/VFR
  • Next 5 Airports with "direct to" function
  • Logbook function
  • For PocketPC 2002/3 oder Windows Mobile
Moving Map Heading Up






Heading Up

Sky-Map is a Moving Map navigation software for Pocket PC's with Windows CE operation system. Sky-Map shows the actuell position delivered by a GPS on a digitized map on a PDA display. Based on the groundspeed Sky-Map calculates the distance and flight time to the next waypoint or destination.

One can input a flight plan directly by tapping on the touchscreen or load a route which was prepared earlyer on the PDA or on the PC using Flight Planner. Points which are input on the screen are searched in the database and if found are updated with precise coordinates, names and locator.

If the optional aproach charts are installed, the aproach chart of the next airport in the flight plan will pop up automatically when aproaching the field. With this aid it is very easy to fly the officiel circuit. The aproach chart of the next airport of the route can be previewed anytime by tapping on the screen.

PC-MET Having a look on the actuell weather information just before start when you are already on the airfield ? No problem: with a internet ready mobile phone you can access pc_met, the self briefing system of the DWD (german weather forecast, providing data also for europe). A personel choise of weather information (GAFOR, METARs, TAFs, satellite pictures aso.) can be download in one step. Then the pages can be viewed offline with the build in pc_met browser (pc_met account neccessary, charges apply).

Sky-Map automatically logs start and landing time with date and location. These can be displayed or transfered to a PC for further use.

All important in-flight functions can be operated directly on the touchsreen with large finger size buttons. For example one can show the next five airports and by tapping on one, create a direct route from the current position to the choosen airport.

All details about Sky-Map with a lot of Screenshots you will find here

The optimal add-on for Sky-Map if you want to plan your flights on a PC is the Flight Planner: